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Having a virtual audience in today's business world is essential.  Often the cost of employing someone is a hurdle to having and keeping a digital presence.
Up Close and Virtual is a contract service that offers packages with a customized number of hours and clear outcomes. You decide how much you invest in this type of service with no strings attached.  Call today for your FREE consultation. 
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We Specialize In 3 Key Areas

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Marilee Arthur

Experience means something and anything you do for more than 35 years you've likely perfected. She's not the new kid on the block and her more than three decades of experience have afforded her the opportunity to occupy a variety of leadership roles. 

Marilee is an expert at bringing people together, connecting the dots, and leaving an improved flow and impression on every project she puts her hands on. She caters to small business owners looking to broaden their digital marketing presence and/or increase their operational flow. 

When you meet her you will feel like you have always known her. Integrity is the cornerstone of her work, and she aims to exceed your expectations.

About Her Customers...

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